SOME Kind Words

From Wendy Weinberger, Assistant Director, Wayne Public Library, Wayne, NJ — 

We were most fortunate at the Wayne Public Library to have Neal Fitzpatrick, guitarist, perform at our Lunch Box Learning Program. Fifty patrons enjoyed his classical and jazz pieces that he performed with great skill, warmth and ease.

As a library we have always tried to present our patrons with a variety of top-notch musical presentations and speakers. Once again we were able to maintain our high standards with Neal Fitzpatrick. He brought exceptional talent and charm to his classical and jazz guitar performance. In addition it is very easy to deal with him. I would indeed recommend Neal Fitzpatrick without qualification.


From Karen Lesiak, Library Director, Archbishop O’Brien Library, St. Thomas Seminary —

Neal Fitzpatrick’s expertise in classical guitar is evident. His Professionalism, yet unencumbered approach creates a harmonious appeal to his audience.

Neal’s classical guitar repertoire was well received by those in attendance at a recent concert. I would highly recommend Neal’s performances as they serve as a valuable source of enrichment to community residents. He is an excellent classical guitarist and his courteous manner and ease of working with deserve additional merit.


From Jeanne Chmielewski, Program Coordinator, Southington Public Library & Museum —

Mr. Fitzpatrick’s performance at the Southington Library was the enriching and relaxing activity that all in attendance appreciated during the busy, stressful holiday time. Neal is an exceptionally talented musician, who during his performance projected a professional yet relaxed personality. Mr. Fitzpatrick interjected classical guitar history displaying his tutorial talents during his diversified presentation drawing the audience into his music. One of the goals of the library is to provide enriching programs to the community; Neal accomplished this goal for us. The audience left the performance enriched with a greater appreciation for classical music.


From Lois Miller, Program Director, Weston Public Library —

As a member of the Board of the Weston Public Library I am pleased to write this review for Neal Fitzpatrick, classical and jazz guitarist. Neal has performed at the Weston Public Library for the past three years. In fact, his concerts have become an annual tradition, and we consider them to be among the highlights of the Library annual events for the community.

Neal’s concerts reflect a combination of extraordinary talent and exceptional charm. The music is majestic, often haunting, and always eclectic. A concert may include pieces by Bach, Albeniz, Duarte or a composer of popular standards. Neal enhances the audiences’ musical appreciation with historical footnotes and personal insights into the pieces.

Few member of the audience leave Neal’s concerts without personal interaction with him. Neal is happy to answer questions about the concert program or discuss his career as a classical guitarist. The Board of Directors of the Weston Public Library considers Neal Fitzpatrick a star performer.


From Maria Poirier, Program Director, Cheshire Public Library —

Dear Neal,

First of all, thank you so much for such a superb concert. Your gentle presence and your amazing virtuosity really drew the audience in. It was great to see people of all ages, from children to the elderly, equally captivated by your beautiful music. There was jus the right amount of commentary to educate the audience about the pieces and then the music simply spoke for itself. We will definitely have you back.


From Jane Atkinson, Library Director, Weston Public Library —

I highly recommend Neal Fitzpatrick to provide a musical program for any organization. We have enjoyed his concerts for three consecutive years at our library. A remarkable guitarist, Neal commands a vast repertoire including both classical and jazz pieces. He captures his audience with his first few notes and creates a rapport with each listener.


From Tacey Dietlmeier, President of the Roxbury Friends of the Library —

You were a pleasure to work with — competent and cooperative — which is no always true of an artist of your caliber. The music was superb, and you had such good grace to allow it to be background at our library volunteer party.


From Lynne Caplan, private party, Woodbridge Country Club —

Thank you so much for providing that extra special “note” to the party my friends and I gave for Dr. & Mrs. Allan Frankel’s 50th Wedding Anniversary. We wanted it to be an elegant evening, and the addition of your guitar was the icing on the cake — perfectly soothing, beautiful and melodious. I know my friends would agree — we made the Perfect choice.


From Karen Sayers, Kaleidoscope, business opening, Guilford, CT —

Dear Neal,

Thank you again for playing at the opening of my business, Kaleidoscope. You were the perfect addition to a wonderful day. Your beautiful playing and unobtrusive yet charming manner added such a festive atmosphere to the party. Your professional manner and knowledge allowed me to trust in you to take the reins so I was able to relax, enjoy my guests and the music. It was exactly the touch I had intended.

Also thank you for dealing with the legal and organizational details so efficiently, graciously and expertly. You took the responsibility so that I could be comfortable with the knowledge that you would deliver what you had promised in an easy, affable and expert way.

And of course, the music! The music was lovely — diverse yet harmonious, subtle yet clear and such an integral part to the whole. The guest have been overwhelming in their praise of your playing and the ambience you lent the party. I especially loved the diversity of styles you were able to play while knitting them together into one seamless whole.

I would be remiss if I did not mention that you, yourself were such a pleasure to deal with that you simply added to my enjoyment of the planning and execution of the party.

Thank you again, Karen Sayers


From Anita Lands, private party, The Brasserie, NYC —

Dear Neal,

Thank you so much for your wonderful playing at my birthday luncheon.

My intention was to have live music as an added dimension to the event. You did exactly that, both by being responsive to my requests and by playing beautifully, yet unobtrusively. Your broad knowledge of classical and jazz guitar resulted in an interesting and elegant mix of music. Many of my 45 guests commented either at the party or afterwards how much they enjoyed your music.

Also, you were a pleasure to deal with and thoroughly professional in handling arrangements and delivering on what we had agreed on.

I look forward to your contributing to future festivities!

Most Sincerely, Anita Lands


To Whom It May Concern

I would like to express my sincere appreciate for the musical capabilities of Neal Fitzpatrick and Naomi Senzer. The residents of Evergreen Woods are very well educated in the musical arts. They are a most discriminating audience. Many of the residents are themselves accomplished musicians. The musical guitar and flute programs presented by Neal and Naomi have delighted our residents beyond their expectations. Their repertoire is unusual. It is crisp, well planned, expertly rehearsed, and professionally presented. Both Neal and Naomi maintain a level of expertise and sophistication that allows for education and enjoyment. Whenever they play at Evergreen, I am approached with the question… when are you going to have them back? I thank them for a job well done. 

Sincerely, Peggy Zambarano, Director

Neal, thank you so much for once again being part of our holiday campaign. Your enthusiasm, professionalism and talent helped to brighten the holidays for a number of downtown residents, visitors and merchants. Sincere thanks again for your participation.

Best, Town Green District


Dear Neal, thank you for helping make what might have been a major disaster into a wonderfully intimate and enchanting evening. Your choice of music was perfect. You, along with your bass & flute, played expertly, resulting in a great evening of entertainment. It was a night filled with the remnants of a Florida hurricate and yet your music soothed the savage storm and left us all feeling warm and safe.

Many thanks, Marian Holtzer