There is some music I never tire of teaching to my students. It always seems fresh. On classical guitar the Five Preludes of Heitor Villa-Lobos, pretty much anything by Villa-Lobos for that matter; also most works by Tarrega and anything by Brouwer. On steel string Daytripper by the Beatles as well. It is such a strong riff and at the same time a great vehicle for advancing a student’s technique. Again, any Beatles song is a pleasure to teach. Include Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd there as well. For finger style steel string Little Martha by The Allman Brothers is I gladly teach anyone who wants to learn it.



I had the great pleasure today to play for my daughter’s pre school class. I brought along my mountain dulcimer and 5-string banjo. I thought they would enjoy the music they made but I also explained the history of the two instruments-how they are perhaps the two most uniquely American instruments we have-and also how they fit into the guitar family of instruments. They loved sweetness of the dulcimer and audacity of the banjo! I provided each student with a percussion instrument and we had a great finale all playing together. Looking forward to next class.